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Four Year Strong 'Wasting Time' Video Update

Four Year Strong have given an update on the video for 'Wasting Time (Eternal Summer)' and why the video hasn't been released yet.

The band said:

"Many of you have been asking us about our video for “Wasting Time (Eternal Summer)”. It hasn’t fallen into the Legends of the Hidden Temple or anything of the sort, and we’re certainly not trying to keep it away from you. We want this video to be released just as much as you guys want to see it. Unfortunately, we ran into some troubles in post-production. After the director sent the money to the post guy and waiting 2.5 months, post told us they wanted 2 more months and another 20,000 dollars to complete the project anytime in the foreseeable future. Obviously that’s not something we were able to do (and were told we wouldn’t need to do) so they promised to return our money and when we tried to track the process of the drives and money back, they stopped answering our phone calls and emails. We’re still trying to work out options to get you this video, so we can’t thank you guys enough for your patience and understanding right now. You’re all the best and you know we’re going to do everything we can to make this happen. IN THE MEANTIME! We recently filmed a video for “Tonight We Feel Alive (On A Saturday)” and can we be honest with you guys? It’s totally awesome. Are we allowed to call our own video awesome? Yes. Yes, we are. It’s that good and we’re sure you’re going to love it."

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