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Interview: Allstar Weekend

Alter The Press! briefly spoke to San Diego's Allstar Weekend. The band's recent single, 'A Different Side of Me' sold over 100,000 copies and now they are set to follow it up with their debut album, 'Suddenly'.

The band talk about their origins, influences, the new album and more.

ATP: Where did the name Allstar Weekend come from?
Allstar Weekend: At first we were just Allstar, which was named after one of our favorite songs by the artist Smash Mouth. We added "Weekend", because the weekends are fun.

ATP: How would you describe the sound of Allstar Weekend?
AW: The sound of Allstar Weekend is pop/rock. A lot of our songs are synth based pop/rock songs.

ATP: Who did you listen to growing up and do you feel this has reflected in your music?
AW: Growing up, I listened to a lot of the 90's radio hits. That includes Sugar Ray, Alanis Morissette, Hey Leonnardo, Matchbox 20, etc. I definitely feel lke this has reflected in our song writing. I've always been a perfectionist, I'm always trying to write a hit song.

ATP: Roughly about a year ago, you were handing out flyers outside a Jonas Brothers gig, a year later, you're on radio disney. What's next?
AW: In this last year we've been blessed with such great fortune. There was no way that we could have predicted that all these amzaing things could of happen to us in such a short amount of time. We have no idea what to expect in the next 12 months, but we're looking forward to the future, and can't wait!

ATP: Do you think being linked with Radio Disney may put off fans from taking you serious?
AW: Being linked with Radio Disney has done nothing but expand our fan base. I don't think that being linked with Radio Disney has steered fans away from checking out our jams. The music speaks for itself.

ATP: Los Detectivos is a mini webisode series that you produce. For those that haven't watched the crime fighting epic, what is the series based on?
AW: The Los Detectivos webisodes are about four witty detectives with amazing mustaches that fight crime and save the day.

ATP: Tell us about your new album 'Suddenly'?
AW: Our new album "Suddenly" is a collection a songs that many audiences can relate to. No matter what age group, we think that everyone can get something out of this album. We've worked long and hard trying to make these songs as meaningful and impactful as possible.

ATP: What can fans expect from the album?
AW: Fans can expect a lot of up tempo songs, dance songs, and love songs.

ATP: Why did you choose 3 producers for your debut album?
AW: When it comes to creating an album, we didn't want to limit ourselves and work with a single producer. ultimately, we wanted to expand our sound and make it as original as possible. To do that, it was only right to work with more than one producer. In my opinion, it was a smart move. We we're able to write songs rocks songs, dance songs, and love songs and cover all aspects of the pop genre.

ATP: Will there be a UK release for the album?
AW: Haha our album hasn't even been released in the States yet! At this point in time we don't have a release date for the UK, but we hope that the album will one day debut in the UK.

ATP: What do Allstar Weekend have planned for the coming months?
AW: In the next few months we will be touring all over the States and Canada. You can expect plenty of shows, youtube videos, and good times.

ATP: Anything final you'd like to add?
AW: To get updated on the the latest Allstar Weekend news be sure to check out our facebook, twitter, and myspace. Please make sure you let all our fans know that we love them!

'Suddenly' by Allstar Weekend is released on June 21st on Hollywood Records.

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- George Gadd

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