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Interview: Automatic Loveletter

Today Automatic Loveletter release their début full-length, 'Truth or Dare'. With two previous EP releases and shows alongside the likes of Cute Is What We Aim For and Say Anything, as well as appearences at the Bamboozle and Warped Tour. The four piece is made up of Ryan Metcalf (drums), bassist Clint Fowler, Tommy Simms and Juliet Simms, who made a guest appearence on All Time Low's 'Remembering Sunday'.

ATP! spoke to frontwoman Juliet Simms, about the new album, signing to Sony Independant, playing Warped Tour and more.

Alter The Press: Your new album 'Truth Or Dare' is released on the 22nd of June. How would you describe the sound and feel of the album compared to your previous releases?
Automatic Loveletter: (It's) less dated,a bit more dynamical with a broadened range of rock n' roll. I feel like its songs a guy could sing as well.

ATP: Considering the issues you faced when signed to Epic Records, did the events have an effect on the new songs and the creative process as a whole?
AL: For sure! "Fade Away" for instance is about the fear of not making it before its too late,feeling like you dont fit in cause you're not what your label wants you to be, or the fear of age getting in the way or you die. Tommy (Simms - guitarist) and I were in a really big car accident a week before we wrote this song. I passed out, his head cracked the window shield and if it had been mili seconds later we would have been pancakes and not the warm yummy spongey kind. The bloody, gruesome morbid kind.

ATP: You are known to write emotionally-charged songs, do you have a personal favourite track on the album that lies close to your heart?
AL: Again I bring up "Fade Away". I've almost cried singing that live and then close in second would be "Story Of My Life", and "Hush"

ATP: "Hush" has now gone through its third re-recording. Has it now reached its ultimate form? Were these re-recordings to try and best achieve the sound and feel of your live show?
AL: Yes it has. The only other recordings I ever want to hear of this song are people covering it. I wanted to re-record it one more time to get a more live, raw vocal performance from it.It's also I song I'd like to show the masses.

ATP: What changes has your label signing to Sony Independant brought about?
AL: Really executing promises, being fully invested and really having faith in me as an artist. It has brought about the release of "Truth or Dare", a music video, tours etc.

ATP: With your heavy touring schedule and the experience of past Bamboozle and Warped Tour, how much are you looking forward to your upcoming stint at this year's Warped?
AL: I'm looking forward to it so much that i stared packing 3 weeks in advance

ATP: How would you describe the experience of the mass-publicized Warped Tour compared to your own tour shows?
AL: Its hotter, thousands of more kids to turn into Automatic Loveletter fans. It's like a circus; you meet new people every day and you always get fed.

ATP: Are there any bands you are planning to check out outside your stage-times?
AL: Andrew W.K, All American Rejects, Mayday Parade, Versa Emerge, We The Kings and many more.

ATP: What are your plans following the end of the Warped Tour in August?
AL: I think we're going to Japan (but) it's not set in stone but it's in the works, but we're up for many many tours. So we'll definitely be out there

ATP: Why should people go and check out Automatic Loveletter?
AL: Beause not checking us out is kind of like breaking a mirror, except its our souls and instead of 8 years of bad luck, it's a life time of bad luck for every soul you break and there's four of us. Don't do that to your future self, man, look into the horizon and see your destiny.

'Truth or Dare' by Automatic Loveletter is available now on Sony Independent.

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