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Interview: MiMi Soya

With the release of their new EP, 'I Can't Stand Pop Bands' set for next Monday. ATP! recently caught up with Brighton-based pop-rockers MiMi Soya.

The band have a new singer and a new EP and vocalist Jorja and guitarist Chris spoke to us about the EP, working with producer Romesh Dodangoda and more.

ATP: 'I Can't Stand Pop Bands' is your first release with Jorja. WHat can fans expect from the "new" MiMi Soya?
Chris: A brand new, stronger sound for MiMi! A phoenix-like rebirth if you will!

ATP: Is 'I Can't Stand Pop Bands'a new start for the band?
Chris: In some ways yeah I guess so.

ATP: What influenced the writing of the EP?
Jorja: Everyday experiences, favourite memories and the urge to get it all off our chests.

Chris: Everyday happenings that have a HUGE impact on us.

ATP: How has MiMi Soya evolved since your last release?
Chris: The members, the team, stronger than ever before! Songwriting and lyrical content have become more focused on what we want to say.

ATP: How was working with Romesh Dodangoda and how much influence did he have during the recording?
Jorja: Working with Romesh was awesome, he is so professional and told us exactly what he thought of the tracks. He gave input in the details that can really make a song such as, harmonies, certain drum fills and the sparkly bits!

Chris: Loved working with him, the way in which he would look at MiMi's songs would be totally different and unexpected. He pushed us to go that extra mile. Never worked so hard in my life.

ATP: What pop bands can't you stand?
Chris: Love all pop bands, some seriously amazing song writers out there!

Jorja: I love every single pop band ever...

ATP: What does MiMi Soya have planned next?
Jorja: We have a tour commencing next week, we'll be travelling around the UK and going back to Holland which I'm super excited for! The EP is released on June 14th and were also touring the UK again in July.

ATP: Why should people buy 'I Can't Stand Pop Bands’?
Jorja: Because it’s an infectious sound and awesomeeeee!

Chris: You will be singing the melodies and choruses for weeks!

ATP: Anything else you'd like to say to close this interview?
Jorja: Check us out at - If you like what you hear then treat yourself to our ep which comes out on June 14th!

As Jorja said, 'I Can't Stand Pop Bands' is released on June 14th via LAB Records.

'I Can't Stand Pop Bands' is streaming on MySpace right now.

Sean Reid

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