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Updated Warped Stage Line-Ups

An updated list of the stage line-ups for this year's Warped Tour can be viewed by clicking read more.

Alkaline Trio (all dates)
Andrew W.K. (all dates)
The Dillinger Escape Plan (all dates)
Face To Face (all dates)
The Bouncing Souls (June 25th-July 16th)
The All-American Rejects (June 25th-July 18th)
Motion City Soundtrack (June 25th-July 18th)
Bring Me The Horizon (June 25th-July 30th, August 5th-15th)
Street Sweeper Social Club (June 25th, August 10th)
We The Kings (June 26th-August 2nd)
3OH!3 (June 27th)
Every Time I Die (July 2nd-August 15th)
Reel Big Fish (July 13th-August 15th)
Pennywise (July 20th-August 8th)
Streetlight Manifesto (July 23rd-26th)
GBH (July 26th)
Anti-Flag (August 5th-15th)
Dropkick Murphys (August 7th-15th)

Breathe Carolina (all dates)
Emmure (all dates)
Hey Monday (all dates)
I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business (all dates)
Parkway Drive (all dates)
Pierce The Veil (all dates)
Set Your Goals (all dates)
Suicide Silence (all dates)
Whitechapel (all dates)
You Me At Six (all dates)
Four Year Strong (June 25th-August 2nd)

Anarbor (all dates)
The Cab (all dates)
The Casualties (all dates)
Fake Problems (all dates)
Never Shout Never (all dates)
The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band (all dates)
Mike Posner (all dates)
The Pretty Reckless (all dates)
The Rocket Summer (all dates)
Polar Bear Club (June 25th-July 18th)
Dirty Little Rabbits (July 20th-August 5th)

Alesana (all dates)
Artist Vs Poet (all dates)
Attack Attack! (all dates)
The Summer Set (all dates)
VersaEmerge (all dates)
Enter Shikari (June 25th-July 18th)
I See Stars (June 25th-July 18th)
Sparks The Rescue (June 25th-July 18th)
Sum 41 (June 25th-August 2nd, August 11th-15th)
Haste The Day (July 20th-August 15th)
Iwrestledabearonce (July 20th-August 15th)
The Word Alive (July 20th-August 15th)

After Midnight Project (all dates)
AM Taxi (all dates)
Breathe Electric (all dates)
Confide (all dates)
Far From Finished (all dates)
Fight Fair (all dates)
In Fear And Faith (all dates)
Of Mice & Men (all dates)
We Are The In Crowd (all dates)
Ivy League (June 25th-July 3rd, August 10th-15th)
Call The Cops (June 25th-July 18th, August 10th-11th)
Tomorrow's Bad Seeds (July 5th-18th)
The Upwelling (July 20th-26th)
Disco Curtis (July 20th-August 15th)
Passafire (July 28th-August 2nd)
The B Foundation (August 7th-8th)

Automatic Loveletter (all dates)
Closure In Moscow (all dates)
Emarosa (all dates)
Eyes Set To Kill (all dates)
Mayday Parade (all dates)
Riverboat Gamblers (all dates)
The Sparring (all dates)
At The Skylines (June 25th)
Fast Forward Romance (June 25th)
In Her Own Words (June 25th)
Letters Burning (June 25th)
Modern Day Escape (June 25th)
The Darlings (June 25th-July 7th, August 10th)
The Swellers (June 25th-July 17th)
Coasta Nostra (June 26th)
Hope For AM (June 26th)
A Midsky Surrender (June 26th)
Sounds & Sciences (June 26th)
We As Heroes (June 26th)
Allura (June 27th)
The Bogarts (June 27th)
Chaindriven (June 27th)
The Deadlies (June 27th)
From The Top (June 27th)
Me And The Captain (June 27th)
Perfect Like Me (June 27th)
Die Ignorant (June 29th)
Hello Hollywood (June 29th)
My Girl Friday (June 29th)
The New F-O's (June 29th)
We Own The Sky (June 29th)
No Bragging Rights (June 29th-30th)
Fire From The Gods (June 30th)
JeHma (June 30th)
Let Them Fear Ruin (June 30th)
My Genuine Find (June 30th)
Rnes Reset (June 30th)
Everyone Dies In Utah (July 1st)
My Sky Your City (July 1st)
No Such Thing (July 1st)
The Requested (July 1st)
Set Aflame (July 1st)
Aerial Second (July 2nd)
Archimedes, Watch Out! (July 2nd)
Barely Blind (July 2nd)
Kill The Theory (July 2nd)
Uprise Of The Fallen (July 2nd)
American Mantra (July 3rd)
Don't Shoot The Messenger (July 3rd)
Empire Holiday (July 3rd)
A Face For Radio (July 3rd)
The Hollow Empire (July 3rd)
Building Rome (July 5th)
Machree (July 5th)
MeVerseYou (July 5th)
Option//Control (July 5th)
Party Like Summer (July 5th)
Dinner And A Suit (July 11th-18th)
Conditions (July 20th-26th)
The Scurvies (August 11th-15th)
Trial By Combat (August 12th)
Kallahan (August 13th-15th)

Gardening, Not Architecture (all dates)
Maxwell Smart (June 25th)
The Uptones (June 25th-27th)
GOGO13 (June 25th-27th, August 10th)
HaSkaLa (June 25th-27th, August 10th)
Knock-Out (June 25th-27th, August 10th)
Monkey (June 25th-27th, August 10th)
Voodoo Glow Skulls (June 25th-27th, August 10th)
Lovers Drugs (June 25th, June 27th)
The Flatliners (June 25th-29th, July 9th-18th)
The Mighty Regis (June 25th-July 22nd, August 10th-11th)
Left Alone (June 25th-July 8th, July 11th-August 2nd, August 7th-15th)
April Chase (June 26th)
Tess Dunn (June 26th)
Hounds And Harlots (June 26th)
The Impalers (June 26th)
Hope For AM (June 27th-July 3rd)
Speakeasy Tiger (June 27th-July 6th)
New Years Day (June 27th-July 8th)
Last Call Chernobyl (June 27th-July 10th)
The Frantic (June 27th-July 8th, July 31st)
TUGBOAT (June 29th)
Hollywood Heartthrob (June 29th-July 3rd)
The Scary Mondelos (July 1st)
Victory In Numbers (July 1st-7th)
Go Action Team (July 2nd)
Set Phasers To Stun (July 6th-8th, July 11th-15th)
Kelsey And The Chaos (July 6th-8th, July 11th-31st)
Shorelines End (July 6th-8th, July 11th-22nd, July 28th-31st)
Motionless In White (July 6th-8th, July 15th)
The Downtown Fiction (July 7th-16th)
Spider Rockets (July 8th, July 13th, July 17th)
Crookedhook (July 9th)
Brass Tackz (July 9th-10th)
Dustin Jones And The Rising Tide (July 9th-10th)
The New Cities (July 9th-10th)
The Snips (July 9th-10th)
Walk Off The Earth (July 9th-10th)
The Mission District (July 10th)
Mr. Fork In The Eye (July 10th)
The Down And Outs (July 11th)
Voted Most Random (July 11th)
Middle Finger Salute (July 11th-26th)
When Girls Kiss Girls (July 11th-28th)
Flatfoot 56 (July 11th-August 2nd)
Goodbye Soundscape (July 13th)
Vanna (July 13th, July 17th-21st, July 28th-30th, August 1st-2nd)
Dive (July 14th)
The Heisman Hopefuls (July 15th)
Alamance (July 16th)
Hiccup Hellen (July 16th)
Shiragirl (July 16th, August 7th-15th)
Small Town Scoundrels (July 17th)
Testing For Echo (July 17th)
Hot Chelle Rae (July 17th-August 2nd)
Ever Since (July 18th)
Cerebral Ballzy (July 18th-21st)
His Name Was Iron (July 20th-28th)
American Sixgun (July 20th-31st)
Tip The Van (July 20th-31st)
Ice Nine Kills (July 21st-August 1st)
The Chase (July 22nd-26th)
Fit For Rivals (July 23rd-26th)
Ionia (July 23rd-26th)
Spinlight City (July 23rd-25th, July 28th)
Deal's Gone Bad (July 26th-August 2nd)
Score 24 (July 28th-August 2nd, August 7th-15th)
Callback California (July 29th)
Me Talk Pretty (July 29th, July 31st-August 1st)
Terrible Things (July 29th-August 8th)
The Banana Convention (July 30th)
I See Stars (July 30th)
The Early Strike (August 1st-12th)
Deas Vail (August 1st-8th, August 11th-15th)
This Time Next Year (August 2nd-8th, August 11th-15th)
Eddie Rap Life (August 5th-8th, August 11th-15th)
Longway (August 5th-8th, August 11th-15th)
Burning Empires (August 7th-8th, August 11th-5th)
Cobra Skulls (August 7th-8th, August 11th-15th
The Fabulous Rudies (August 7th-8th, August 11th-15th)
Neo Geo (August 7th-8th, August 11th-15th)
Our Last Night (August 7th-8th, August 11th-15th)
Chase Long Beach (August 7th-15th)
Echo Movement (August 7th-15th)
The Jukebox Romantics (August 7th-15th)
The Skank Agents (August 10th)
Kaile Goh (August 11th-12th)
The B Foundation (August 11th-15th)
The Bots (August 11th-15th)
Columbyne (August 11th-15th)
Death Punch (August 11th-15th)
5606 (August 12th)
The FunkyJahPunkys (August 12th-15th)
Medium Troy (August 12th-15th)

Aivar (all dates)
Rahman Jamaal (all dates)
Dante LaSalle (all dates)
Madd Illz (all dates)
Rollin Rockers (all dates)

LEGENDS STAGE (June 25th-27th, August 10th-12th, August 14th-15th)
Big D And The Kids Table (June 25th)
GBH (June 25th-27th)
Swingin Utters (June 25th-27th)
Fear (June 25th, June 27th, August 10th)
Angry Samoans (June 25th-27th, August 10th)
The Dickies (June 25th-27th, August 10th)
The Adolescents (June 25th-27th, August 10th, August 14th-15th)
Agent Orange (August 11th-12th, August 14th-15th)
Assorted Jellybeans (August 11th-12th, August 14th-15th)
Everclear (August 11th-12th, August 14th-15th)
Green Jelly (August 11th-12th, August 14th-15th)
Jack Grisham And The West Coast Dukes (August 11th-12th, August 14th-15th)
Manic Hispanic (August 11th-12th, August 14th-15th)
The Untouchables (August 11th-12th, August 14th-15th)

JERSEY STAGE (July 18th)
Cabin Theory
A Clear Blurr
A Clever Con
A Need For Reason
Negative Sky
Solfege Radio
The Waffle Stompers

GOLDENSTATE RECORDS TENT (August 11th-12th, August 14th-15th)
She Likes Daylight
Strike 3

Another Option (all dates) (Focus Records Tent)
Poema (all dates) (Girlz Garage)

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