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Album Review: Don't Let Paris Fool You - First Time Caller, Long Time Listener

'My Bike Rides a Ten Speed' opens out with a sample from Armando Iannucci's Sunday Observer sketch which I commend them on, brilliant stuff, not quite sure how it's relevant to the song itself though? The song is very reminiscent of just good times in general and the bridge will have you singing along by the second listen, promise.

The introduction of the next track, 'Take That Jordi Cruyff', starts out with complex but intridcate melody lines from the guitar and the mandolin before being knocked down a notch by tuneless shouting. I'm not exactly a big fan on this entire screamo/folk combination, maybe it just isn't meant to be? sort of like reggae and metal. It's not until another singer comes in where the song becomes audible and enjoyable to listen to again. Maybe it's just the mixing but the screams just sound a bit like they were recorded in a different room. I'm all for angst and all that but only if it doesn't make things sound like a sea shanty.

Now, the next song 'Just Love Me Mrs Cherrywood' starts out with a very catchy singalong part which could have easily have been from Right Away, Great Captain's debut album. The song then progresses into some clean, soft vocals. This is possily one of the best songs on the EP and is very memorable after the first listen which begs for more and more listens. It is in this song where the true emotion lies and can clearly be heard.

The final song 'I'd Dance a Two Step If Only I Had The Shoes' is a cynical approach to love songs. With the singer pleading for people to "stop singing those fucking love songs". The irony of this is that the instrumentation of the song does actually sound like a love song. Sort of like 'Catch' from The Cure's 'Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me'.

Despite the lo-fi recording, random screaming and going out of time in places. Don't Let Paris Fool You's EP 'First Time Caller, Long Time Listener' is just the starting point, it is possible that with time, they could be possibly be contemporaries of current folk favourites Mumford & Sons as well as Frank Turner. Just ditch the random shouting lads. The instrumentation is just perfect though.


'First Time Caller, Long Time Listener' by Don't Let Paris Fool You is available now through Something Honest To Dance To.

Don't Let Paris Fool You on MySpace.

George Gadd

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