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Album Review: Just Surrender - Phoenix

Originally set for an August release but unfortunately a victim of the dreading "internet leak", Just Surrender's latest effort 'Pheonix' sees a band that sounds refreshed with a new label on both sides of the Atlantic supporting them; Razor and Tie and LAB Records in the US and UK respectively.

The bands usual "radio rock" continues to be a mainstay throughout as 'Through The Night' certainly shows; its upbeat tempo, powerful guitars and duel vocals sees the band setting out a familiar formula. Although 'Take Me Home' sees the band heading in a slight pop-rock area, as does 'Crazy' which makes good use of subtle electronic effects, and shows that Just Surrender know how to deliver in terms of strong choruses, however simple and slightly generic it is.

'On My Own' and 'Stronger Now' are bold and shows a sign of consistency from the band but 'Burning Up' spoils this, as it is slightly uncomfortable and perhaps is a bit too "mainstream" for the band. The poor lyrics does not help the tracks case too; "“Cause deep inside I’m burning up for you, You let me down so many times, it’s true, You play with fire and you’re gonna lose, I’m burning up from the thought of you".

By the albums later stages, Just Surrender are very much into a comfortable area. One that consists impressive riffs mixed with strong, hook-filled vocals that are at times favourable but the whole structure isn't anything new, and at times sounds quite tiresome.

For this reason 'Phoenix' turns out to be a record that holds impressive elements but is limited in terms of variation and progression. As an accessible, catchy rock record it works well, but you are left with the impression that the band could of challenged themselves more, as the earlier tracks certainly show this is possible.


'Phoenix' by Just Surrender is physically available now in the US on Razor and Tie and is released in the UK on LAB Records on August 2nd. Digital version is available worldwide now on iTunes.

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