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Album Review: Kid Liberty - Fight With Your Fists

The Hardcore/Pop-punk genre is one that is quickly becoming saturated with countless bands mixing pounding, heavy hardcore with catchy pop-punk rhythms. Kid Liberty's Bullet Tooth debut in some ways fits this mould, 'Fight With Your Fists' doesn't attempt to break an new ground but there is a sense of consistency. Comparisons to the likes of A Day To Remember and Set Your Goals are possible, however Kid Liberty provide a somewhat meatier take on the genre.

'I'm Right Here' kickstarts the proceedings with mighty riffs and melodic vocals playing off the standard aggressive ones. It's not anything different, but it still leaves a favourable impression, as the band lean towards a more pop-punk-orientated sound with 'Keep On Pushin', a track that goes along the "being on the road" lyrical route; "We don't eat and we sure don't sleep, but damn we're living the good life.". Although not the weakest example of the bands songwriting; that comes on the title track, it still shows the bands style doesn't stray far and can easily be mistaken for other bands.

Elsewhere tracks like 'Coolguy Deluxe' and 'The Situation' speed there way through, with the latter showing a more upbeat, punk style that suites the band well, and the additional slow bridge gives a well-timed break, from the bands pounding drums and over-powering guitars. Whilst 'That's What She Said' is Kid Liberty at perhaps their most fierce, as the band thrash their way through; for once the bands duel-vocals manage to play over well intricate guitars and thumping drums.

For fans of the hardcore/Pop-punk genre this will be a record they'll have on repeat for sometimes, as throughout Kid Liberty find the right balance between the two. Whilst at they same time they don't bother to challenge it, instead they (to an extent) stick to a structure that is favourable, but towards the albums later stages becomes tiresome. Don't get me wrong I think 'Fight With Your Fists' is a great album and enjoyed it from start to finish, but just likes A Day To Remember's 'Homesick', it lacks variation and progression. However Kid Liberty's slightly heavier outlook does gives a sense of variation, and one that is somewhat welcomed.

Nonetheless its a good solid record, that when given a chance could lead on to bigger things.


'Fight With Your Fists' by Kid Liberty is released on August 10th through Bullet Tooth.

Kid Liberty on MySpace, Twitter, Facebook and Purevolume.

Sean Reid

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