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Album Review: The Narrative - The Narrative

Long Island, New York trio The Narrative have been making subtle waves on several websites for the past few months and with their self-titled full-length, its likely you could hear more from them, as its a record that is filled with depth, variation and there are moments where the band sound extraordinary good.

'The Narrative' opens with 'Fade', a driving slice of piano-led indie rock-pop that quickly certifies the band style, one that is warming and easily draws you in, mainly due to Suzie Zeldin summery vocals.

However Jesse Gabriel also shows he has vocal talent with 'Cherry Red', a slightly more rockier track with more depth. It is structurally strong and the duel male-female vocals work well together.

Throughout there is much variation; 'Empty Space' is an intense, atmospheric number with Zeldin providing an haunting tone. Whilst 'Starving for Attention' is more poppier; squeaky synths, funky guitars and an upbeat tone.

'Winter's Coming' proves to be one of the albums highlights with its laid-back, confident delivery which builds into a driving, passionate chorus led by Gabriel. The bands overall reaches its peak on this track, as their approach is thorough and finely-tuned. Equally 'You Will Be Mine' shows the bands great ability to write, upbeat indie pop.

Towards the end, the band become somewhat calmer from the mesmerizing balled that is 'Don't Want to Fall', a track that truly shows Suzie Zeldin's at her best as her talent is unquestionable. 'Trains' and 'I've Been Thinking' keep up the momentum, as the former has a running piano that is complimented by both vocalists sweet harmonies. Whilst the latter is a plucky, relaxing track.

The closing part of the album is made up of; 'End All' is another fine example of Zeldin's superb talents, 'Hard to Keep Your Cool' is soothing and 'Turncoat', which brilliantly shows the bands duel-vocal harmonies being used to their best ability, with the right balance between the laid-back tempo and well-delivered vocals, which adds more credibility to the track.

Although the overall style at times sound repetitive, it can't be argued that The Narrative have talent, both as songwriters and musicians as this record shows a band who truly care about their craft; each track is well-thought out and has tweaked to near-perfection.

With Straylight Run no more and Lydia soon to follow, I think fans will find an honest replacement in The Narrative, as this full-length is (at times) refreshing, captivating and filled with plenty of talent. 'The Narrative' covers a lot of ground and the trios hard work, creativeness and overall talent deserves all the credit it deserves.


'The Narrative' by The Narrative is released on July through The Record Collective.

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