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Alter The Press! 2010.03 Soundcloud Competition Finalists

After a long process, we have decided on the final 10 bands for our 'Alter The Press! 2010.03' Soundcloud contest.

Machine Gun Baby - Under The Sun
Tiger! Tiger! - When You're Ready For It
A Common Year - A Final Word
The Brigher - Go All In
Freshman 15 - Close To Me
The Better Way - Love Again
The Secrets We Keep - Panic
The Humour - Mama
Kamikaze Practise - Cold War
Girl Afraid - Believe What Comes Next

The final 10 songs will now go into a vote with the top 3 being included on the final conclusion.


Hear the chosen final songs and vote by clicking read more.

Alter The Press! 2010.03 Compilation Contest Winners by alterthepress

Alter The Press!