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Exclusive Sam Little Tour Blog: Day Ten

Day Ten: Sheffield

I'm not sure I've laughed as much in my entire life, as I did last night before bed. Jonny and I had a little adventure at Si's house, that resulted in us in tears laughing.

Today we're playing Sheffield. I haven't played Sheffield before, so I'm quite excited for it. Before the drive starts we're being fed a royal feast by Simon's parents. Cooked breakfast & a BBQ for lunch, a meat overload. My vegetarian tour challenge died an ultimately quick death. It's a relatively short journey to the venue tonight, which is full of me DJing a medley of the cheesiest pop. There's been some amazing sing-a-longs to Bieber and Ke$ha.

We arrived at the venue around 6pm, and were greeted by some band that dressed like halloween meets indie. I spent a good half an hour deciding whether they wore it outside of gigs. They totally do. Some people are bizarre. Apparently the gig tonight is for some girl's 18th birthday, bring it on. The reason I don't seem to know anything about the shows is because Maycomb asked me onto the dates last minute, so I'm not as clued up as I normally am.

I'm on second, after the pirate indie band that we met earlier. They were rubbish. However I really enjoyed playing tonight. Easily my favourite show of tour so far. I'd like to say the FFF show in London was, but I still can't remember it. It was a really nice atmosphere and I'm just quite excited for my new stuff. It seems to be going down really well.

I've probably annoyed a load of people tonight, as I keep shooting this Confetti gun I got. Its the most fun because not only does it cause a mess, but it's such a good tool for suprising people. Anyway, after another local band, Maycomb are up. They sound huge tonight for some reason. Jim's drums sound so nice normally, but the sound for them tonight is dead good.

We're slowly running out of our tour posters, which is really nice. It's rad that people are buying merch.

We're now in Leeds and we're watching Kerrang as we slowly fall asleep. I'm excited for the show tomorrow, I've got a lot of friends in Leeds and ultimately, Pitza Cano. Which is the best pizza place in the world, as anyone in Leeds will know.

I'm really sad that the Maycomb tour's gonna be over soon. Genuinely gonna miss the boys. It's crazy how they've literally become my best friends in the world. Sad times ahead.

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22 Jul - Retro Bar Manchester
24 Jul - Blues Loft High Wycombe
3 Aug - The Musician w/ Jose Vanders & Luke Leighfield Leicester
5 Aug - Boileroom w/ In Gratitude Guildford
6 Aug - Hamptons w/ In Gratitude Southampton
7 Aug - The George w/ In Gratitude Luton
8 Aug - The Orange Box Yeovil

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