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Exclusive Sam Little Tour Blog: Day Three

Day Three: Wolverhampton

My bags are broken beyond the repair of gaffa tape. Both straps on my backpack have snapped with the weight of everything I'm carrying and the pull along handle of my merch suitcase is reminiscent of a dislocated arm. I'm ridiculously glad that today I'm meeting the boys in Maycomb for the next line of shows and I can throw everything in their van for a few days. I think the 3 mile walk I've just made to the station, whilst carrying both broken bags, has made me never want to carry anything ever again.

I assure you, that not every blog I write will be a collection of misfortunate events, I'm just followed by the worst luck. But yeah, once again I'm sat on a train travelling with my life above and next to me. The most bizarre man is sat opposite me talking to himself about the 'downfall of the robotic empire' and to be honest, I'm having to try SO hard not to laugh as I type this. That's one of the things I do love about public transport, you get to people watch.

I probably spend 60% of my time on trains sleeping cause I'm so tired but the other 40% is spent making stories about what people are doing or why they're going where they're going. I realise that might sound ridiculously lame, but you need to remember I spend too much time on public transport and the only film I have on my laptop is 'New Moon' thanks to my lovely girlfriend and there is no way I'm being seen watching that in public. It's not that I don't like the Twilight series, it's just I'd like people to not think I have a vagina..*

So I'm meeting Johnny from Maycomb at Wolverhampton station. It's gonna be interesting as I've met them before but only really in passing, and today starts the first day, out of ten, of sharing a van with them and pretty much being closer than Lindsay Lohan is to a jail sentence. It's gonna be like Bill and Ted's totally bogus adventure.. but with more awesomeness.

In fact, I've been here not even a day and already I've held a snake, seen a guy put in a coffin which was not only jumped by a motorbike but also exploded as the bike went over and watched knights battle on horseback. I've also learnt that I'm not the only person in music that's rubbish at football haha (sorry Johnny) and that currently at Spar, Ben&Jerrys is £2, which is ultimately gonna be my downfall. I'm a little bit addicted to ice cream.

Got a call about a show in Norwich today, so we're gonna now be playing on Tuesday, which is awesome. If anyone reading lives near Norwich, we're playing the B2, you should come party. We're off to Ipswich tomorrow for our first show together, which I'm very excited about. Apparently the 'Summer House' is a really nice venue so bring it on.

Feel free to check the full list of shows over at on MySpace (or below).

*I'm sorry if you're offended by the Twilight comment, I'm sure a lot of people without vaginas like cheesy vampire/werewolf love stories and I once met someone with the aforementioned sexual organ who was rather awesome so I'm not hating. My mum has one apparently and she's my favourite person ever. So yeah, don't hate."

12 Jul - The Summer House Ipswich
13 Jul - The B2 Norwich
14 Jul - Green Park Tavern Bath
16 Jul - Purple Turtle [Fleeing From Finales set] Camden
17 Jul - The Central Nottingham
18 Jul - West Street Live Sheffield
19 Jul - The Fenton Leeds
20 Jul - Sound Bar Birmingham
21 Jul - Sound Bar Birmingham
22 Jul - Retro Bar Manchester
24 Jul - Blues Loft High Wycombe
3 Aug - The Musician w/ Jose Vanders & Luke Leighfield Leicester
5 Aug - Boileroom w/ In Gratitude Guildford
6 Aug - Hamptons w/ In Gratitude Southampton
7 Aug - The George w/ In Gratitude Luton
8 Aug - The Orange Box Yeovil

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