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Exclusive Sam Little Tour Blog: Day Eleven

Day Eleven: Leeds

Today was a good day.

I always love Leeds whenever I visit. The people are amazing, the shows are always dead good and ultimately I always end up having the best time. I'm now in Wallheath, somewhere near Birmingham and I kinda wish I was still in Leeds partying, but you can't win them all.

Jack and I are the first ones awake today, which is strange because we're the ones that sleep the most. Shortly after we're in Starbucks, which is the place of dreams, on a little bromantic date. Bromance has been at all time high over this last week and to be honest, I'm full on heart broken that it has to end.

After everyone's showered and fed, it's like 5pm somehow so we head down to the venue. We're playing the Fenton in Leeds tonight. The venue is upstairs from a little pub, it's small but perfect for tonight. The PA system is the worst thing I've ever heard though. You can barely hear Simon's vocals during Maycomb's soundcheck and we end up using the drum monitor as part of the front of house speakers. Anymore DIY and we'd be playing in B&Q.

Doors are slightly late in opening, but no one seems to mind missing a bit of the opening band. Next on is a guy called Jimmy Holland, who's a little bit like Frank Turner but in the best way. I'm fully entranced through most of his set which is nice. Lyrically fun. After Mr. Holland are a band called The Lock & Keys, who are a member down tonight but you wouldn't be able to tell. They're so tight and so good. If you're a fan of Hot Water Music and the ilk, go check them out, they're dead good. They're also the nicest guys, which is a bonus in my eyes.

My favourite thing about touring/playing gigs is being surrounded by my best friends, but my second favourite thing is making new friends and that's definitely happened this tour. For my set, I'm greeted by some of my best friends bantering back at me and singing their hearts out. It's the best thing in the world to have your songs sung back to you, and tonight's literally made me fully fall head over heels in love with doing this, all over again. For that, I'm so thankful to them.

Despite a few mic problems during my set, it's awesome. There's a high school musical sing along and the Slipknot preview is busted out again. I'm pretty excited to record that cover.

Maycomb are on next, and the room's packed. It's really nice to see, as the guys are so hardworking and they deserve so much more recognition. Everyone's loving them as well, I don't think there's a room I'd rather be in. Fully gutted that tomorrow's the last day. I bought a red Maycomb baseball shirt to rep them, it's sexy.

We're now off to somewhere near Birmingham. Our friend Rusty is driving me and Jack back to Jack's house and the car's packed with talk of girls and how rubbish they can be. Sometimes.

I'm so excited for Birmingham tomorrow. I don't know why, but it's one of my favourite places despite the fact that last time I was here, I had my laptop stolen and had the worst luck. I've got big hopes for the show. It's gonna be amazing. Plus it's last day of tour, we're gonna party hard.

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