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Exclusive Sam Little Tour Blog: Day Twelve

Day Twelve: Birmingham

It's over. Kinda. It's actually really sad, which I know sounds a bit pathetic but I've become so close to these boys (Maycomb) and it's been literally the best week and a bit. Tonight's show is in Birmingham, land of dreams. The party will be amazing.

The day starts with me waking up next to Jack in his bed, and getting ready to leave. We're going to buy me some new shoes today because my converse got destroyed over the course of tour, and I lost/threw them in the road at Nottingham's show. I'm gonna get me some Vans; not that you care, but I'm excited and this is my blog.

Once we're in Birmingham we meet Zoe, who's the loveliest girl I've met in a long time and also Nick from All Or Nothing, who's an absolute dude. I picked up some Vans and we decided to head down to the Sound Bar.

About an hour late, the boys turn up with the van and we load out. For some reason, I'm doing an American accent trying to convince Zoe that I'm American. Everyone's slowly getting in on the joke, it's rad. I'm like a spy. A really shit spy.

After breaking the accent game, and hanging with some really amazing friends from Birmingham, the doors open and the gig begins. There's some really good bands on tonight, but I'm not in the mood. All I really want to do is party as it's the last day of tour. By the time I'm meant to go on stage, I'm pretty drunk but I'm still capable of walking, which is one up from the other day. I had the most fun on stage tonight. For some reason I opened the set with a mimic version of the Calling's 'Wherever You Will Go,' to fool people into thinking I couldn't sing. Sometimes I wonder why they let me out.

Maycomb tonight kill it once again. I'm still a bit drunk, so I'm attacking them throughout the whole set with confetti guns and spraying water at them, like I'm Triple H. They loved it. I'm gonna miss them, they're like brothers to me now and I'm gonna miss them more than I probably should.

If you get a chance, go and see them. They're one of the most energetic live bands I've seen in a long while and if nothing else, they're the most genuinely nice people. They're hopefully gonna get the recognition they deserve soon. The album's gonna be sweet and I'm definitely gonna try and bagsy onto it.

Once the show's over, and we're partying. We take a little detour to 'Chicken Hut' and we're full up on dodgy chicken burgers and alcohol. Jack's trying to go home, because he's a wuss, but his car battery's dead. Gutted. Seeing as we're nice though, we help him jump start it and he's off. Jonny, Rusty, Jimmy, Simon and I head home after a good while of Ke$ha singalongs and just being drunk.

We get pulled over, just outside Rusty's house. A young undercover policeman with something to prove, tried to beat us down by the law, but I don't think he realised how awesome we are. So we got away scot free.

I'm playing Birmingham again tomorrow to start a few days with In Gratitude and I'm also taking some promo shots with Rusty. I'm dead excited. Party on!

21 Jul - Sound Bar Birmingham w/ Make Me King and In Gratitude
22 Jul - Retro Bar Manchester w/ Make Me King and In Gratitude
24 Jul - Blues Loft High Wycombe w/ Make Me King and In Gratitude
3 Aug - The Musician, Leicester w/ Jose Vanders & Luke Leighfield
5 Aug - Boileroom,Guildford w/ In Gratitude
6 Aug - Hamptons, Southampton w/ In Gratitude
7 Aug - The George, Luton w/ In Gratitude
8 Aug - The Orange Box, Yeovil w/ In Gratitude

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