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Exclusive Sam Little Tour Blog: Day Thirteen and Fourteen

Day Thirteen and Fourteen: Birmingham and Manchester

It's been pretty eventful actually. I'm currently sat in Manchester with In Gratitude and the lovely Rose & Jess, who's house we're staying at. It's 5am somehow and I'm so awake. The boys are drunk, we spent tonight at Rockbox in Manchester which mostly consisted of bumping into a million and one old friends that I haven't seen in ages. Was rad to say the least.

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna end up tomorrow with no voice due to a mix of alcohol and having the best pop punk sing alongs with the boys from Riot Pop records tonight. Matt broke some girl's heart. He's the singer, and heartbreak extraordinaire. I played the last two shows with them and they're awesome; like a british version of Minus the Bear meets Jimmy Eat World. I'm excited for the August tour we're doing to say the least.

Yesterday was Birmingham at the Sound Bar again, but with a whole bunch of different bands in aid of charity. Make Me King, In Gratitude, Lost In Colour and a few others are all here, waiting around for doors to open. I'm sat here with Rusty, who's editing some of the shots we took today. We watched a helicopter land just outside the doors of the venue. One day, I'm gonna arrive like that to a show, it's gonna be some proper A team shit.

I'm on first, as I wasn't actually meant to play and I'm really kinda just doing it as a favour for the promoter/charity, and it's nice to play a soft opening set.

I've been thinking a hell of a lot about what I want to do in life. I'm a bit of a contemplative guy, and at times it can be my curse, but I get things done. I'm gonna be cancelling a lot of shows in the next few days. Half because of personal reasons and half because I don't want to show an unfinished product. I've got a plan, that's gonna be awesome, but it wont be done for a while and without the time, I can't do it at all. So by taking the time off, I can get it ready and awesome for you. I apologise to anyone that was looking forward to seeing me or coming to hangout but believe me, I'll be back out soon and it'll be worth the wait.

Anyway, the Maycomb guys came and partied with me in Birmingham, while we stood awestruck at In Gratitude as they play their set. Make Me King are up next and they're impressing everyone in the room. Imagine a more pop-punk version of Emarosa and you're not far off. I spent the night & the drive to Manchester with them as well and they're the nicest guys. We watched an epic police escort on the motorway. That's true bonding. They also treated me to my first Barburrito experience. Chipotle and everything. Though all I could think of was South Park.

Manchester tonight was so good. The aforementioned plan that I talked about, keeps getting me so excited every time I play a show. I've kinda gotten back the spark, which is a brilliant thing. Up next are Make Me King, In Gratitude and Manchester's own Cape Race, who are all stunning musicians. I've been treated to some of the best bands recently. I'm so chuffing lucky.

After the show we all rolled down to Rockbox, which is a new club in Manchester that busts out epic pop-punk and metal. I'm looking after the boys, and we're dancing/making fools out of ourselves without caring what everyone thinks. It's nice. Too many people care about their appearance. So after 4 solid hours of partying, we're home. Garden State is nearly over, and it's 5:22 now.

I'm crashing. Day off tomorrow. Cheap Manchester breakfast is definitely happening. Thanks for reading this. My next show is Saturday in Clapham Common with Scouting for Girls and Idlewild for Ben & Jerry's Sundae festival. It's gonna be amazing!

24 Jul - Blues Loft High Wycombe w/ Make Me King and In Gratitude
3 Aug - The Musician, Leicester w/ Jose Vanders & Luke Leighfield
5 Aug - Boileroom,Guildford w/ In Gratitude
6 Aug - Hamptons, Southampton w/ In Gratitude
7 Aug - The George, Luton w/ In Gratitude
8 Aug - The Orange Box, Yeovil w/ In Gratitude

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