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Grammatics Break Up

Grammatics have announced they are splitting up, and will be releasing a final EP called 'KRUPT'.

A statement from the band can be viewed by clicking read more.

"So then,

It is with both sadness and a healthy dose of cathartic relief that I confirm Grammatics’ plans to disband at the end of August.

The last four and a half years have been a tumultuous ride to say the least; we've both eclipsed our early expectations and had to face a seemingly infinite series of difficult setbacks. It's been both fun and utterly maddening, inspiring and crushing.

We now finally face a set of circumstances that are truly impossible to overcome and realise that the only logical way to continue to move forward with our lives is to put Grammatics to rest.

In order to give the band a fitting cheerio we've decided to record an EP of new material (which we had been writing for album no. 2) and release it in conjunction with

The EP will be entitled 'KRUPT' and will contain 5-6 brand new tracks, a few of which you may have overheard live during the past 6 months or so. We will record it at the start of August with ‘Fifth Grammatic’ James Kenosha, and embark on a farewell tour shortly after (dates and ticket links below).

We were convinced to work with Pledge after witnessing the success of one of our all-time favourites Gang of Four’s involvement with the company, quickly followed in the past few weeks by our good friends I LIKE TRAINS. Pledge is a site where musicians offer a range of incentives to fans, aiming to reach a financial target. If the target isn’t reached then nobody is charged.

Frankly, we have unpaid debts, and are not individually in a position to settle them (which would be the case had we just decided to walk away without a fuss such as this). It is painful and depressing to have to discuss money, debt and the real world as an ‘artist’ to one’s fans – after all, art is our escape from all that – but cold hard reality, as much as we’ve tried to evade it, has finally caught up with us.

We are going to make the project personal, inviting and direct, at a grassroots level. It’s us answering emails, us providing the incentives, and us delivering them. We’ve struggled over the years, it’s unavoidable to say, but we have witnessed some of the most intense and inspiring enthusiasm for our music on the journey and we feel we have something to offer in return.

We’ve racked our brains and tried to come up with incentives that are truly unique and appealing. From standard fare like CDs and T-shirts, we’ve also decided to offer irreplaceable Grammatics paraphernalia and the opportunity to have us perform a private show for you, amongst other things. We urge you to take a look at the site and see if there’s anything that takes your fancy."

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