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Hey Monday Set To Release New EP Not Album

Hey Monday have announced they will be releasing a new EP next month, instead of a new album.

The band said:

"Hey everyone!

I have some news about our August 17th release. Instead of a full length album, we will be releasing "Beneath It All" as an EP instead, and then early next year we will release an album to follow it up! We were definitely bummed when we first found out, but on the brightside, we'll have a lot more music for you than originally planned and will be on the road for a longer stretch to see all of you! I wish we had known that the full length would be coming a little later before telling everyone about it, but there's nothing we can do about it now. However, I'm pretty certain you guys are gonna love it all!

For anyone that already pre-ordered Beneath It All at, your credit cards have not, and will not ever, be charged since it's a different package now. However, we DO have a new pre-order up at, so please head over there to get the goods! For the sake of clarity, if you already pre-ordered Beneath it All and still want the pre-order, you will need to place another order on the new site (as all old pre-orders cannot and will not be processed due to the new pricing). Kinda annoying, I know :\

We are very happy to give you yet another brand new song clip for a song that we've been playing on Warped this summer right now! The song is called "I Don't Wanna Dance" - listen to the clip right here and get ready for the video premiere next Thursday on MTV!
Love you all and see you soon!
- Cassadee"

Alter The Press!