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A Loss For Words' Bassist Seeks Financial Help

A Loss For Words bassist Mike Adams is selling various items on eBay, after the recent passing of his father and he needs to pay for expenses.

Adams posted the following:

"Hey everyone, I'm just posting this because I haven't really mentioned this to many people, but my father recently passed away unexpectedly. He and I lived together and he was our biggest supporter and fan. He came to every show he could get to, and threw me 30 or 40 bucks whenever he could spare it when I was heading out on tour. The story is this; It's been a little over a month and my landlord is trying to force me out of the apartment we lived in. Also I found out the car my dad bought just before he passed, which I believed he borrowed money from his brother for, has a loan on it. I found out in South Carolina, drove home, and got a job after the wake and funeral to pay for expenses. For some reason or other the life insurance is going to take a while to come in, and I'm estranged from my mother so it's really tough right now. So I'm not asking for charity, and I've been working a full-time job since I got back from tour (for those giant assholes out there that might be dick enough to just post "GET A JOB"), I'm just letting you guys know I posted a bunch of my shirts and some other stuff on ebay and if you feel like helping out at all feel free to bid. This is pretty much most of my shit besides my bass which I need more than the shirts haha. The link is here:"

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