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We Are The Ocean Working on New Songs

We Are The Ocean have posted a new blog update, where the band state they are currently working on four new songs.

The band posted:

"Today is day 4 in the studio for us. We’re back at Stakeout Studios in Surrey with Jason Wilcock. The man responsible for our debut self-titled EP which included tracks like ‘Nothing Good Has Happened Yet’ and ‘Don’t Be Careless’.

We’re here for 2 weeks working on 4 brand new songs, which we’ve been busy writing since the release of Cutting Our Teeth back in February. So what are we doing with 4 new songs?? Well, we’re going to be mysterious for a bit and simply link you to our brand new website and say that the date you can see on there is directly linked to these 4 tracks. Thats all you need to know for now…

Get excited people, We certainly are!"

Alter The Press!