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Album Review: A48 - A48 & The Wolf

With the pop-punk revival taking a huge leap in popularity throughout the United States, A48 are hoping to revitalise some much needed charm and energy from within the UK, with their debut EP 'A48 & The Wolf'.

The opening track 'Casanova' immediately sets a standard for the entire record; this catchy and vibrant tune is guaranteed to have you on your feet and is a perfect demonstration of the bands youthful song-writing and spirited attitude.
Immediately followed by some classic pop-punk hits, 'It’s Past Your Bedtime M8' and 'That’s What She Said' are a pic ‘n’ mix of various musical influences, past and present, that have given A48 a distinctly individual sound.

The pace of the album seems to slow significantly towards the end; the energetic riffs and clean cut vocals are now met with a punchier sounding guitar and a little more aggression. 'Don’t Tell His Mum' captures this sense of angst and will definitely have you shouting along at the top of your lungs. Judging by the overall tone of the album, the heartfelt acoustic track 'Optimistic' seems to be a fitting addition; however, when listening to the EP through its entirety, the track feels slightly anti-climactic and leaves you wanting a little bit more.

A48 & The Wolf exudes the nostalgic feel of early Blink and Fall Out Boy records; with the bands’ first effort capturing their sense of passion and pure and simple fun, A48 are certainly ones to watch out for in the future.


'A48 & The Wolf' by A48 is available now through Livewire Records.

A48 on MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook.

Sandeep Dawett

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