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Album Review: Bradley Hathaway - A Thousand Angry Panthers EP

Folk onesies Bradley Hathaway offers the kind of folk, that fits into slightly depressing rainy afternoons. Hailing from Arkansas, the man released his EP 'A Thousand Angry Panthers' in June.

The short play opens with 'She Was Raised By A Man With A Sickness', a very minimal song that tries to work with monotonous storytelling but just doesn't seem to hit the right emotional notes and ends up feeling a little empty. However, 'Carolina' redeems itself by packing a lot more feeling and coming off as a lot more honest. The sweet guitar surrounds Hathaway's skinny voice before being swept by a soft reverb solo.

'Would You Think Less Of Me' is thoroughly forgettable as he goes back to the storytelling vibe. Thankfully he ends with 'The World Is Screaming', a song that slowly builds up making the most out of Hathaway's broken voice and ending in epic fashion with violated guitar strings.

It's hard to define exactly where Hathaway is going with his country-emo style, but for the time being it is a sweet nonchalant effort and deserves some more work into finding a complete sound.


'A Thousand Angry Panthers EP' by Bradley Hathaway is available as a free download here.

<a href="">She Was Raised By a Man With a Sickness by athousandangrypanthers</a>

James Berclaz-Lewis

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