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Album Review: Conditions - Fluorescent Youth

Post-Hardcore is a genre I really enjoy. Combining metal riffs, big, solid drumming and strong non-screamed vocals is something that sounds really catchy, and has a lot of melody to it. Virginia's Conditions have released 'Fluorescent Youth', their sophomore effort that takes the post-hardcore genre, and adds a slight hint of punk to it.

The first thing you'll notice, if you're a fan of bands like Saosin or bands such as The Receiving Ends of Sirens, is how similar these guys sound like them. Mainly in the vocal part, lead singer Brandon Roundtree has an incredible vocal range, holding some huge notes and hitting some pretty high ones too. The album opens with 'The End Of Progression', a great track with an epic chorus, with tight and subtle vocal harmonies. 'Better Life', the first single off the album has a much more Punk theme to things, with another cracking chorus, and heartfelt lyrics and great guitar riffs.

'Natural Competition' sounds like something taken straight from a Saosin album, with jagged guitar parts, soaring vocals over the top, the classic vocal drop just before a huge chorus, and subtle harmonies. It's a good track, but for me it just sounds far too much like them. Many of the tracks even have hints of pop-punk in them, with fast-paced drumming in verses such as in '...Made Ghosts'.

Each track is well constructed, going between the classic 'clifftop' chorus, into tracks that are bit slower with a more depth to them, such as the great 'Comfort Far Away'. 'Keeping Pace With Planes' is another great number, with lightning fast drumming. The only criticisms I have is that it all starts to sound very similar, with the same structures and as much as I love a big chorus, it does start to get a bit repetitive.


'Fluorescent Youth' by Conditions is released on September 13th on Good Fight Music.

Conditions on MySpace, Twitter, Facebook and Purevolume.

Mark Allen

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