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Album Review: Detached - None The Wiser EP

Ska-punk is a notably difficult genre of the musical spectrum, mostly defined by the often very similar elements and lack of differences between bands (except the likes of some exceptional bands like Streetlight Manifesto). And unsurprisingly, South Wales sextet Detached do little to break the mould on their recently released EP 'None The Wiser'.

Tracks 'Don't Bithe The Crust (And Say The Pie Ain't Tasty)' and 'F.U.B' kick off the EP with a familiar brand of pacey-punk with a few added horns that do little to help them stand out. 'Teeth Rattling Boneshaker' creates a more "party" vibe with its ska elements, and while it still fails from being a convinving and enthralling piece of ska, it'll keep your bootie bouncing until the next song.

'Lock Up' and 'Rid of It' are more of the same and immemorable, while 'Horizons' shows a little more perspective than the other offerings, providing the touch of character that cruelly lacks from the other songs off the EP. Don't get me wrong, the band make use of the exact same components from their ska-punk trick-bag but the songwriting is a little more polished and the song just sounds better achieved.

This review could make it seem like a violent whipping, but the truth is, ska-punk bands are simply more relevant when seen live and i'm sure Detached create enough of a party to keep fans and outsiders entertained. However, the studio recording format doesn't portray that live feeling and highlights the often immemorable style of the genre.


'None The Wiser' EP by Detached is available now through Bandcamp.

Detached on MySpace and Facebook.

<a href="">Don't Bite The Crust (And Say The Pie Ain't Tasty) by detached</a>

James Berclaz-Lewis

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