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Album Review: Key To The Midway - Keep it to Yourself

Michigan pop-rockers Key To The Midway present a 5 song EP, 'Keep it to Yourself' ,a pop laden collection of songs produced by Rob Freeman (Hit The Lights, Cobra Starship) that paints a good picture of what this band is about.

“Scenery,” is an up beat sing-a-long that nicely sets the stage for the rest of the EP, and immediately brings to mind fellow pop rock outfit We The Kings, and this thought is resonant throughout the 5 tracks. Blending vocals and instruments perfectly, “Farewell” showcases Jesse Barnes’ vocal ability.

“Drifting” calls attention to the fact that these guys can play their instruments well in a nicely placed musical interlude. “Just Me and You” contains super-rhymey lyrics that include years (2005 and 2010) that just scream “cheesy,” and ends up being the weakest track on Keep it to Yourself. Ending the EP is the catchy “You’ve Got Me.” Despite it’s shallow lyrics, its hard not to sing along.

This well produced EP is a fairly impressive first release for Key To The Midway. With solid melodies and vocals and complex instrumentals, it is clear that these boys from Michigan know what they’re doing. However, they end up sounding so similar to We the Kings (and every other band that sounds just like We the Kings) that they’re going to have to find a way to differentiate themselves from the sea of pop rock bands. Keep it to Yourself is a little on the safe side, but turning up the intensity and toning down the pop would be a good starting place to standing out.


'Keep It To Yourself' by Key To The Midway is available now.

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Jenny Bauer

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