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Album Review: Last Nights Vice - Perfect Little Noise

Last Nights Vice, a 5 piece rock-pop outfit out of St. Louis, Missouri, bring upbeat dance rock to their latest release, 'Perfect Little Noise.' Their website's bio proclaims the band's sound as a blend of "disco groove with hair metal intensity and pop sensibility," but 'Perfect Little Noise' doesn't quite live up to this bold description.

The album starts off with 'Lock and Key,' an intense explosion of funky dance beats and a hook that will definitely get you off your ass, something that Last Nights Vice know how to do well. Unfortunately, the rest of the album has trouble keeping up with the intensity of this first track. 'At the Sunset She Strips' and 'Rock Opera' come close to matching 'Lock and Key''s addictive beat and catchy lyrics, but the rest, especially the auto-tuned 'Rags to Ruins' and the contrived 'She's Got it Going On' are lackluster.

One aspect of the band that keeps this album from becoming completely overdone and bland is vocalist Brandon House. He does this, as I've been calling it, rock-scream that is sexy and fierce, and can change the pace of an entire song. The power behind this rock-scream takes the tracks that are laden with it to a different level, but there just isn't enough of it.

Last Nights Vice created an album that is tailor made for a party. Virtually every track has a beat that is easily danceable, and if the video for 'Lock and Key' is any testament, they probably put on a kick ass live show. However, that just isn't going to hide the fact that most of the songs have generic lyrics about girls and partying. The lack of depth and heartfelt words coupled with the overdone themes makes for an overall forgettable album.

Last Nights Vice is a talented group of guys who have succeeded to make a fun, dance-rock album that fans will most likely love, but lacks the stuff to set them apart. While their album will fit well into a party, (where everyone is dancing and no one is really listening) 'Perfect Little Noise' leaves much to be desired in the realm of disco groove, metal intensity, and pop sensibility.


'Perfect Little Noise' by Last Nights Vice is released on August 31st.

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