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Album Review: Orphan Boy - Passion, Pain and Loyalty

'Passion, Pain and Loyalty' begins a lengthy, over-stretched intro before settling into a safe indie sound, that admittedly sounds out dated; something that comes up and time and time again throughout.

The organ-led spine of 'Popsong' dosen't make for the best of listening, despite its youthful romantic lyrical imagery. Whilst 'Harbour Lights' drifts along and fails to grab the listeners attention. 'Some Frontier' attempts to save the album, with its lively vocal delivery and intricate guitars, but you're more or less unfulfilled.

Elsewhere 'Anderson Shelter Blues' shows a slight attempt of experimentation, with harmonic keys and passionate vocals providing an uncomfortable listen. Whilst the spazzy organs and White Lines-like basic bassline on 'The Promise' is the only notable characteristics.

The closing 7-minute long 'A180 Song' broods and is far too slow and once the band show any sign of life, you're left disappointed; they've attempted to create an epic closing but it just dosen't happen.

Ultimately 'Passion, Pain and Loyalty' is a record that can be easily forgotten. It leaves you feeling uninterested to the point where, you don't want to hear anymore or care about the band. Orphan Boy maybe good musicians/songwriters but here they just sound lifeless.


'Passion, Pain and Loyalty' by Orphan Boy is available now on Concrete Records.

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