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Album Review: Shadows Chasing Ghosts - The Golden Ratio

Shadows Chasing Ghosts' debut full-length starts off as your usual heavy riff-filled rock band, with your usual aggressive-melodic vocal work (see 'Girl In Sheep's Clothing'). 'You Ain't Got The Minerals' on first impressions follows a similar path albeit a heavier one, but as a unit the band are tight and have sound that is ideal for them. However subtly manage to avoid from becoming sub-par and mediocre, as we will see.

The record doesn't really come alive until 'Searchlights', where the bands mix catchy vocals and screamo vocals works in their favour, especially in the chorus and the gang vocals towards the end, add an extra element to the track. Whilst the lyrics on 'S.O.S.' aren't particularly great, the track is probably the highlight of the album; superb, mighty riffs with great vocals built around a decent structure.

Throughout Trey Treiman's melodic vocals manage to stand out, and give a sense of accessibility (see 'Home' and 'Sunlight'), Whilst the slightly expected acoustic number, 'Timelines' gives the listener a break from the frantic, heavy guitar riffs that spread throughout.

Fans of the "meatlcore" genre will more than likely enjoy this; plenty of riffs, strong vocals, and decent (slightly) singalong choruses. However the downfall is that, their sound isn't anything new and it lacks original ideas. Nevertheless the bands talent as musicians and songwriters, gives the record the credit it deserves.


'The Golden Ratio' by Shadows Chasing Ghosts is available now on Small Town Records.

Shadows Chasing Ghosts on MySpace.

Sean Reid

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