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Interview: Family Force 5

Just before heading back into the studio to complete work on their forthcoming new album, Alter The Press sat down with Atlanta, Georgia five-piece, Family Force 5, prior to the band's headline show in London, England.

The guys spoke to ATP about their forthcoming new album, "crunk-rock", playing this year's Sonisphere Festival, Walkers Crisps and more.

Alter The Press: How has your second trip overseas, been so far?
Family Force 5: Amazing. We just got back from Leeds last night, it was sick. It was crazy. There was no security and people were jumping on stage with us.

ATP: How was it, to play Sonisphere?
FF5: It was awesome. We got to see Rammstein, Iron Maiden; and wear our new outfits, made by the same guy who does Muse and Cher. It was cool, and a really different experience for us. It was an honor to be in the same place as the rest of those bands. The crowd was a bunch of dudes, in a sea of black; it was awesome playing to those types of people. We thought we were going to get killed, because we have some dancey stuff in our music, but we had devil horns thrown at us the whole time.

ATP: Would you agree that Family Force 5 are, "Christian crunk-rock"?
FF5: Crunk is one of the most confusing terms, in the world, to people. We just call ourselves ‘party rock.’

ATP: How would you define the term "crunk-rock"?
FF5: Heavy emphasis on 808 drum machines, some synthesizers and double time beats. Crunk music is pretty hype sounding stuff and Southern.

ATP: Criticism aside, the band is making a big impact on the music charts. 'Dance Or Die' reached number 1 in the US Christian album chart, and, 'FF5 Christmas Pageant,' got to 11 in the Dance Chart.
FF5: It's been an honor. Whenever we see stuff like that, it blows our minds. We are just honored people like the music and want to hear it. It inspires us to keep making more of it; we've been writing a lot recently and are especially excited about the next record. Hopefully it'll do even better!

ATP: You said the next album will, "contain more rock and roll elements, and Business Up Front/Party in the Back". Would you say the new album still reflects this statement?
FF5: It has that intention, so far, but we'll see how it ends up after we record it. There are so many songs right now; it just depends on what we decide to go with. We've been trying really hard to grow as songwriters this last year; everyone is bringing a lot to the table. It's really exciting.

ATP: What's the current status of the new album?
FF5: We're about to start tracking, in the middle of August; next month, we'll record the rest of the record.

ATP: Do you have an album title yet?
FF5: Not yet, just quotation marks at the moment!

ATP: If the next album is just "self-titled", we know you are just being lazy.
FF5: Absolutely!

ATP: Is there a tentative release date at the moment?
FF5: Early 2011. Not sure as of yet.

ATP: Will it be released through Transparent Media Group?
FF5: We're not sure, maybe.

ATP: What's the plan after this UK run?
FF5: Working on the new album, and getting ready for our US, X-Mas Pageant, Tour. We're excited about those shows. It was fun last year; we had some snow machines, elves, reindeer, Santa Claus. It was awesome. It's going to be a really incredible tour.

ATP: Would you bring that tour overseas?
FF5: We've thought about it, but we don't think it'd be possible. Maybe, we'll see.

ATP: Thank you guys. Anything else you would like to add?
FF5: Thank you British kids for loving Family Force 5. Thanks to Walkers Crisps! (British potato chips.)

- Jon Ableson

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