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Mansions Comments on Split from Doghouse Records

In a new interview, Mansions discusses their recent split from Doghouse Records.

Chris from the band said:

"It was something that we knew was coming for a long time. It was no surprise where like it was kind of a contractual thing where we knew if we did the next record with them it would be a thing where they would have to drop us and then resign us. We weren’t really doing a lot for them and they weren’t really doing a lot for us, but they made an offer for the last record, but I was kind of interested in seeing what else was out there. It’s not like hard feelings. I don’t think they have any, or I hope they don’t [Laughs]. I don’t have any hard feelings with them. It was like “This isn’t benefiting wither of us, so lets just see what else is going on.” It wasn’t like a big dramatic thing, but it’s a bummer."

The full interview can be viewed here.

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