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Sam Little Announces Break From Music

Sam Little has announced he is to take a break from music.

Little posted the following on his blog:

"I need to explain before you read on, that I’ve thought about this for a long time. I know a few of you might try and stop me, some of you might be gutted, and well, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of you don’t care.. but I need to do this. I’ve tried to keep this short, so I’m not bitterly rambling..

Recently I’ve been the saddest I’ve ever been.

I know, to a lot of you, I’ve been this ‘happy, always optimistic, never faltering’ person but as a few of my closest friends will know I’ve slowly been destroying myself. I’m sick of constantly feeling ‘not good enough’ and pessimistic. I can’t do it anymore.

I’m taking a break from music.

I don’t know how long for and to be honest, I don’t know much about what will happen.. I’ve spent way too much time over this last year ‘expecting’ things and they’ve never happened.. so I don’t want to give you any false hope.

I’ve spent the last year and a half working as hard as I can, playing more shows than I can afford/handle to make sure that you got a chance to see a show, bleeding myself dry to get around and try to live. Saving and spending all the money I had to make sure you had merch and heard new songs, even if it meant I couldn’t afford things for myself. I’ve been sleeping on sofas and floors for the last God knows how many months so I can do this for you and to be honest.. it feels like it’s completely unappreciated.

I know that’s not the case for all of you and though that last paragraph is highly discouraged.. I’ve met some of the best people and had the BEST times over the last year and I’m massively in debt to those people for making my life so much richer.

I don’t think this is goodbye, I sure as hell hope not.. I just need to clear my head, take some time and hopefully have something give me faith.

I’m sorry."

Over the past few months Sam has become a good friend of the site and he is truely is one of the most honest, supportive and nicest people in the UK music scene today. From everyone here at Alter The Press, we wish Sam all the best in the future and we thank him for supporting our site.

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