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Single review Round-Up: Frank Turner and Francesqa/Person L

This edition of the Single Review Round-Up features singles from Frank Turner and the split single from Francesqa and Person L.

Frank Turner - Try This At Home
Available now on Xtra Mile

The latest cut from Turner's 'Poetry Of The Dead' record sees Turner heavily showing his folk punk side. Its fast tempo and socially aware lyrics, quickly brings comparisons to Billy Bragg to mind. However Turner's own passion shines through in his delivery. Although the track falls just before the 2 minute mark, and for those who are unfamiliar with Turner will struggle to grasp a full understanding of his ideas.


Francesqa/Person L - Years/Goodness Gracious
Released on Scylla Records on August 30th (digital)/September 6th (Physical)

Francesqa and Person L are two quite different bands. The former are a new, exciting British band, whilst the other is an interesting, indie rock group fronted by the vocalist of one of the biggest pop-punk bands of the last 10 years (The Starting Line's Kenny Vasoli).

The 7" version of this split has a one track by each band. Person L's 'Goodness Gracious' is a fuzzy, energetic slice of rock that is subtly chaotic, as Vasoli's distorted vocals battle their way through the bands thriving, static sound. For new listeners, its an ideal track for them and presents their 'The Positives' record in a strong light.

While Francesqa's 'Years' is a sterling, admirable yet delicate pop-rock number, with a decent balance of harmonies and driving guitars. Like the bands 'We Lived' EP it backs up the fact that, Francesqa are one of the best up and coming bands in the UK at present.

For digital buyers, you will be treated with a new track from both bands. 'Lonely Home' by Francesqa is more of the same, feel-good rock that the band have honed so well, despite their young years. Whilst vocalist Ashley Wilkie must be given a special mention, as his confident delivery thoroughly takes centre stage on both tracks.

Where as 'Seesaw' by Person L is a slow, stomping 60's-esque rock track that wallows, and allows Vasoli subtly force you to listen to his words. Admittedly its not the strongest track on here or by Person L in general, but it does add to the overall impression of the band, as well rounding off to a decent enough point.

As split releases go, this one is worth giving some time for, especially for new listeners.


Sean Reid

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