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Single Review: Weezer - Memories

Weezer's first post-Geffen release sees the band continuing their hook-filled alt rock, that they have produced in recent years. A sound that in some ways saw the band abandon their earlier sound, although the subtle pop sensibilities.

Despite 'Memories'' high octane tempo, and fuzzy guitars, for some this is just Weezer being themselves. However if there was ever a 'best of' collection, this would be placed in the middle, in terms of good Weezer singles. Admittedly after a few listens, the simple line of "memories make me want to go back there" will be stuck on your head and demands for the track to be heard again.

Overall 'Memories' is a decent enough single, to get fans interested in the new album, 'Hurley'. Now we have to wait and see what the said album will produce.


'Memories' by Weezer is available now on Epitaph.

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