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We Are The Ocean To Reissue Debut Album w/ New Songs

We Are The Ocean have announced they will be reissuing their debut album 'Cutting Our Teeth' as a deluxe two-disc package on October 4th via Hassle Records.

The package will consist of the band's debut album and a second disc which will contain four new tracks, b-sides and their self-released EP.

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Disc One ('Cutting Our Teeth')

1. Look Alive
2. Our Days Are Numbered
3. All of This Has to End
4. Confessions
5. These Days, I Have Nothing
6. Don't Take Chances"
7. (I'll Grab You By The) Neck of the Woods
8. Are You Proud of Me Now?
9. I Used to Be So Much More
10. This Is Called My Home

Disc Two (New Tracks, b-sides and the self-released EP)

1. Get Out While You Can (new song)
2. Lucky Ones (new song)
3. Waiting (new song)
4. Playing My Heart (new song)
5. Cutting Our Teeth (b-side)
6. Drag Me Down (b-side)
7. Don't Be Careless (EP)
8. Nothing Good Has Happened Yet (EP)
9. Welcome to My Broken Home (EP)
10. Ready for the Fall (EP)
11. (I've Never Felt) God Damn Good (EP)
12. Days (EP)
13. Save Me Said the Saviour (EP)

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