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"If you have noticed that hideous picture of us that dominated the site for the better part of two years (and the coding that made it next to impossible to update anything) is gone. Myspace is forcing a new format on music pages, and we couldn't be happier. Simple and to the point. Now we just have to find the time to re-code some stuff. But we want it to be a place to check for news, etc. I mean, does anyone even USE myspace anymore?

If you DON'T come to myspace anymore, you have other options, we have links at the top to follow our twitter and to our OFFICIAL facebook page (not the fan ones or that damned facebook wiki page that somehow managed to get 11,000 people liking it, instead of OUR page, but whatever)

We are building a REAL website. We lost our URL in the Ferret/Warner Music fiasco. (short version of the story there is Ferret still exists, we are no longer on it. the previous owners of Ferret have a new label, we aren't on it). Building a REAL site is tricky. We want it to be the MAIN source of info, and also an archival database of what the band has been and a place you want to go. All this other social stuff should be extra, not the main thing. Hence, why we aren't too concerned about having all sorts of trinkets and bobbles on this thing anymore.

We want to thank you for your support on Awake? it did WAY better than we thought it would. Having not toured in 3 years started Awake? with the intention of releasing it ourselves, at the 11th hour we decided to do it with Ferret when they offered. It was a great testing ground for us. We pressed a small amount that we were pretty confident we could sell. If they sold, it told us that we were justified in doing another one. It did. We will treat this the same way. As long as there are enough people interested we will keep moving.

With that being said, we are doing another one, which as it stands now we will probably do ourselves, why not? The music industry has made enough money off of bands and wasted it, why not put it out ourselves, and sink the "profits" back into future releases. We are writing, we have been exchanging songs. We have tossed songs that are "too standard for Zao", we are trying new things. It's liberating. We are doing our best to get Russ on the album (as we tried with Awake?). Needless to say, we are taking our time because we can.

So as of right now, Zao is writing, self-managing and planning on self-releasing.

Back to work,

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