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Album Review: Attack! Attack! - The Latest Fashion

The last time I reviewed a band called Attack! Attack!, I was a bit harsh on them. However that was the poor US one, this Attack! Attack! is the more accessible, straight up rock Welsh band. For their second full-length, 'The Latest Fashion' have joined Hassle Records and used the superb production skills of Romesh Dodangoda (The Blackout, Funeral For A Friend and more). From to start finish, the bands driving rock style is relentless and crafted to a high standard.

Tracks like 'Everybody Knows' and 'No Excuses' kick start the record straight away, with plenty of pace as the bands tight knit structure is quickly established. Whereas 'My Shoes' is a bass-heavy number with a chorus that shows the bands more catchy, upbeat side.

One of the stand out tracks is 'Blood On My Hands', with its anthemic aura that builds slowly, as the confident vocals of Neil Starr partly dominates with pounding drums, whilst the guitar is reminiscent of later Foo Fighters work.

Elsewhere 'Latest Fashion' is a grunge-like, fast paced track with distorted vocals and thrashing drums and 'Seen Me Lately' is equally as fast. While 'Best Mistake' is steady-but-calm pop-rock number with a brilliant chorus, that is on par with 'Blood On My Hands', as its structure and overall sound is highly positive.

Although some ideas, especially the guitar work later on sounds recycled (see 'Not Afraid'), Attack! Attack! have managed to produce an record that is consistent throughout and does not disappoint. They have used their experience and skills from previous bands; Starr was in Dopamine and other members came from Adequate Seven and Pete's Seven, as well as their time together sensibly and well. 'The Latest Fashion' is filled with tracks that are structured superbly and are nearly flaw-less, especially in the early stages. This Welsh four-piece deserve all the credit they get, as they've worked hard to get where they are and with 'The Latest Fashion', it should take them to the next level.


'The Latest Fashion' by Attack! Attack! is released on September 27th through Hassle Records.

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Sean Reid

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