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Album Review: Dorena - About Everything And More

The Northern European region of Scandinavia is somewhat known for producing atmospheric, euphoric instrumental post-rock, with Iceland's Sigur Ros becoming the obvious examples. Sweden's Dorena continue this trend with their sophomore release, 'About Everything And More'. It can be said all the "typical" post-rock attributes are here, as 'The Morning Bus' shows; a slow-burning tempo with stirring guitars and an all-round atmospheric vibe.

Whereas 'From The Window Of My Room' is more lively with its plucky, foot-stomping tempo and quirky poppy synth keys. It shows the band in a different light and the varitation is much welcomed. As is 'In Silence', a calm number that breathes through its sustained, country-like guitar notes before breaking into 'We'll Never Meet This Young Again', a bouncy, swirling track that is a prime example of instrumental indie/pop perfection. Although the hooky pattern that the track is built around, does become slightly annoying. However the bands subtle experimentation adds colour to the track.

Nonetheless the bands safeness towards the "post-rock" style takes up a majority of the album (see 'Stars In The Ceiling'). Dorena's ability to experiment and add variation is appreciated, as 'About Everything And More' is able to flow nicely but manages to surprise you throughout, from the acoustic conclusion of 'Never Alone, Always Lonesome' to the heavy guitars on 'From The Window Of My Room' and 'At Sea'. The concluding 'Let Us Live' rounds off the record and the band well, as it shows the bands blend of light and dark tones; a plucky build-up that leads to a euphroic, simple singalong ending.

Whilst on the surface 'About Everything And More' could be written off as just another "post-rock" record. Dorena have delivered a record that is more than expected, as their grand ideas and direction are mesmerizing and collectively leave you feeling uplifted.


'About Everything And More' by Dorena is available now on Deep Elm.

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