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Album Review: Everyone Everywhere - Everyone Everywhere

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's Everyone Everywhere could easily be taken for as imitators of The Promise Ring, as their self-titled 12" has that overall sound that is reminiscent of the latters' earlier work; simple guitars with subtle pop sensibilities and a slight hint of intelligent craftsmanship. Tracks like 'Raw Bar OBX 2002' are dominated by the bands steady paced guitars, that are radiant and bring a positive glow to the bands take of "Midwest 90's emo".

This 33 minute record comes and goes with ease, as the band have been able to produce a record, that flows nicely with 'From The Beginning, To The Tail' providing an inspiring interlude that eases into 'Tiny Town' before surging through with progressive jangling guitars and Brenden McHugh reassuring vocals. Whilst 'Tiny Boat' is dynamic and led by subtle fuzzy tone and have slight catchy rhythm.

Throughout comparisons to old bands come and go, the drum work on 'Music Work Paper Work' is reminscent of early material from The Get Up Kids and 'Fld Ovr' is scattered influences from American Football and Sunny Day Real Estate, especially light, drawn out and compelling guitar parts.

Despite its nostalgic tone, 'Everyone Everyone' is still pleasing and consistent, as EE have brought the genre up to date and gave it a fresh approach for 2010, as the bands originality is well-balanced with their influences.


'Everyone Everywhere' by Everyone Everywhere is available now on Tiny Engines.

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Sean Reid

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