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Album Review: Evolett - For Your Consideration

In the year 2010 its hard not to compare any female-fronted pop-rock bands with a certain band fronted by a certain red head. Nevertheless Evolett make a good attempt of avoid being trapped into any comparisons. Their brand of pop-rock is more VersaEmerge than Paramore (if there is such a difference), and tracks like 'Only Time' and 'The Comparisons' are pretty mediocre, if not expected by this five-piece.

Whereas 'The Portrait' and 'Circles' highlight Hayden Brightwell's brilliant vocal work, as the well the bands neat musicianship. However by the half way point you realise you're not going to get much else, except the same steady paced, guitar-driven template that the band have laid out for themselves from the start. Although 'Hang On Every Word' and 'Genetic Makeup' has some pretty good riffs, Brightwell's vocals, to an extent, become a distraction and at times irritable.

On the whole 'For Your Consideration' does have an element of consistency, and as a band, Evolett sound genuine and definitely know how to perform their instruments. However their downfall here is that, their songwriting structure hardly changes and you quickly become bored with hearing the same style. Let's hope in the future they make good use for their positive characteristics, and use them to develop better songs next time.


'For Your Consideration' by Evolett is available now on End Sounds.

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Sean Reid

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