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Album Review: Foxy Shazam - Foxy Shazam

Having recently signed to Sire Records, it could perhaps be fair to say that a sudden weight of expectation had been thrown onto the shoulders of Cincinatti sextet Foxy Shazam. I mean a subsidiary of a major label doesn't just sign you up for the sake of it. Thankfully it looks as if Foxy Shazam has not only anticipated this expectation, but decided to take that expectation, and stick it where the sun doesn't shine to come out with an absolute corker of an album.

I guess I should begin the review by saying that Foxy Shazam won't be for everyone. Frontman; Eric Nally's vocals are as eccentric as they come, drawing comparisons with Freddy Mercury, while the musicianship has been tagged with some sort of 80's vibe mixed with the most recent pop you can think of.

The first half of this album is blinding, jam packed with singles. 'Intro/Bombs Away' is a two minute jaunt that will give you a good impression of what to expect of the album (disregarding the tuneful dogs at the beginning of the song) and 'Count Me Out' has an absolutely delicious chorus that will have you singing along in seconds. The pace doesn't let up for a good while yet, 'Unstoppable' the lead single from this album is a complete and utter anthem and live favourite, it was recently used in a US Superbowl advert, and you can see why, it's seriously accessible stuff.

Believe it or not, Eric Nally is a family man, directly addressing his son in the ecclectic 'Oh Lord'. Whilst 'Bye Bye Symphony' brings to light the clever, if not a tad weird lyrics this album has to offer.

'Connect' is perhaps one of my favourite songs on the album, it's a bass and piano led song, with a gospel choir backing up the vocals, while Killin' It' brings back the superb chorus this album has been producing all along. Album closer 'Evil Thoughts' showcases the band as one that is capable of living up to the reputation that this album will earn them, it's an apt closer that will leave a broad grin on your face.

All in all, 'Foxy Shazam' is an album packed full of hits and what Foxy Shazam have done with this, their self-titled second album has not only intrigued me but has made me excited about what music can do, and what feelings it can achieve, to me this album is not only original, it is perfectly pitched, perfectly balanced and completely brilliant. Definitely a contender for my album of the year.


'Foxy Shazam' by Foxy Shazam is available now in the US and released in the UK on Ocotber 11th on Sire Records.

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Chris Marshman

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