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Album Review: Frontier(s) - There Will Be No Miracles Here

No Sleep Records has been quietly but steadily establishing itself as one of the premier punk/hardcore indie labels to emerge in the last couple of years. As is evident likes of The Wonder Years and La Dispute, bands both on the cusp of big things, No Sleep have a good ear for what people will like.

Frontier(s), fronted by former Elliot mainman Chris Higdon, are probably the most straight rock release that No Sleep have put out. Sounding like a glorious combination of the 90’s emo scene with a more modern rock edge, imagine Mineral covering the Foo Fighters. ‘There Will Be No Miracles Here’ is a definite slow burner of a record that while appearing a tad bland at first rewards multiple listens.

The likes of ‘Abbul Abbas’ and ‘Sea Of Galilee’ are huge, driving songs that lack overly obvious hooks but still posses a subtle catchiness that only becomes apparent after repeat listens. Understated vocal harmonies and delicate guitar work are only revealed and appreciated the more this record is absorbed, a refreshing concept in these days of immediacy above all else.

Granted the album is a bit top heavy, the songs at the latter end of the record tend to merge together and the record could have benefited from the odd change in pace but theirs plenty here to suggest that Frontier(s) have a bright future.


'There Will Be No Miracles Here' by Frontier(s) is available now on No Sleep Records.

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Barney Dufton

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