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Album Review: Honor Bright - Action! Drama! Suspense!

Honor Bright brings along a loaded title for their latest endeavor. Their all-band vocal approach, interesting lyrics, pounding percussion and perfect construction combines for a solid, complete endeavor that leaves you wanting more. A name like 'Action! Drama! Suspense!' holds the promise of high expectations, and these 5 guys from Syracuse have no problem delivering.

The album grabs ahold of you immediately with “How to Break a Heart,” which layers voice parts and harmonies, and sets the stage for a fast paced, energetic journey. "Sleepless in Syracuse" especially shows of the band's talent for using all members as vocalists, and the lyrics have a conversational feel that is relatable. "Don't Tell Mama" shows off the harder edge of the band's sound, which is a welcome relief from the usual sugary music found in this genre. "Paper Thin Walls" brings the band's creative lyricism to the forefront, like with the lines, "You've got one hand on my heart, And one on my throat, So let go." Pop-punk elements are present throughout, but the all- band voice parts and hard core influences give Honor Bright’s sound depth and differentiation from their pop-punk peers.

Each track on the album can stand on its own, but there is a continuity that makes it clear that each song is part of a whole. For example, "There's a Lesson to Be Learned Here" is a strong track with quick fire lyrics and a memorable hook, but it fits into the middle of the album perfectly, not overshadowing any of the previous songs. All the songs are well constructed, with interesting bridges and vocal parts that balance with the intensity of the drums and guitar parts. There’s never a lackluster moment on the album; each track moves right into the next fluidly and expectedly.

'Action! Drama! Suspense!' is realized in the ending track, “Cause in All the Candles.” This acoustic song gently lets loose the grip that Honor Bright took hold from the beginning, letting the listener appreciate the vocals in a stripped down setting, providing an ideal culmination.

Driving melodies and lighting quick percussion move the album forward, nonstop, to the endpoint. There’s so much going on in each track, so many great lyrics that are begging to be memorized, and rhythm lines that need to be danced to. We’re left wanting more, the action, drama, and suspense of the album is again created in waiting for Honor Bright’s next album.


'Action! Drama! Suspense!' by Honor Bright is available now on Triple Crown Records.

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