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Album Review: Hostage Calm - Hostage Calm

On the surface Hostage Calm seem like another pop-punk band but once you delve into this self-titled effort, you discover the band have much more in their arsenal; 'A Mistrust Earned' and 'Rebel Fatigues' touch on Crime In Stereo's later material, whilst 'Affidavit' has an old-school punk feel with a slight Smiths-like lyrical twist.

Throughout the bands use of harmonies are used greatly with lead vocals from Chris Martin, who consistently brings each song alive. For example on 'Ballots/Stones' Martin's confident delivery takes over despite some nifty piano work and latin-esque percussion. 'Young Professionals' is a bright powerpop, that bounces along at nice pace and 'Victory Lap' sees the band returning to their punk roots, but manage to add their new, melodic sound to it. The same can also be said for 'Jerry Rumspringer', one of the best tracks, with a structure that is pulled off well.

Hostage Calm have branched out in terms of variation well, but manage to keep it consistent. Throughout you're left with a pleasing feeling, as their use of duel-vocals and harmonies blended with guitar-driven hooks has made produced to a high standard. As a result of this, you're left with an album that flows nicely but it must be advised this takes a few listens to understand, as the bands ideas do not stand out sorely on first listen. However when done, the bands talent and direction is much appreciated.


'Hostage Calm' by Hostage Calm is available now on Run For Cover Records.

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