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Album Review: Kytes - Kytes EP‏

'God Dammit Leeroy' starts out with a sparse dampened guitar introduction which features a complex bassline as well as the strange inclusion of the xylophone. The song changes genres midway and instead of a dreamy math rock/indie song, it becomes a lot more angstier and dare I say that the lead singers voice is reminiscent of Gallows first album Orchestra of Wolves, by the second verse, it's clear that these two genres have fused together to bring out a crunchier sounding song.

I've never known a band sample an internet meme, especially not the 'Bacon is good for me' meme but I can't help but laugh out loud when I hear it. The guitar riff is crunchy as well twangy. The only real flaw is the fact that in the verses I can't really hear what the singer is saying. The mixing was done extremely well though and makes good use of panning between the stereo field.

Despite thinking that this band were the band 'Kyte', I was pleasently surprised with Kytes and their new EP is a fine piece of promising music which i'm sure will develop in the near future. Kytes adds something we've all heard before and adds a math rock element to counter it.


'Kytes EP' by Kytes is available now on Bandcamp.
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George Gadd

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