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Album Review: The Suit – The Way We Fall EP

The Suit may label themselves as pop-punk/hardcore, and their imagery comes straight out of Four Year Strong/A Day To Remember factory, but as far as clones go, The Suit are one rebellious entity. Opening track 'Feel My Heart' starts off with a lonely piano before bursting into familiar synth-laden pop-punk territory. The twist with this particular outfit is theatricality and enough pop goodness to ice cakes. The vocals are raw and the hardcore sections sound deadly and sharp as they should be, but the flavour is in the myriads of influences to pinpoint. Not only will this song have you singing the chorus from the first listen, but it might just have you dancing as it ends in a way Bon Jovi would not be uncomfortable with.

'Look At Me Darlin'' continues their brand of pop-patchwork cum hardcore as they prance through a powerfully rhythmed tune that will have you dancing before the Bad Religion-esque backing vocals unscrew those vocal chords of yours.

'Nobodymakesmebleedmyownblood' showcases the heavier side of the band with more raw emotion and a little less cheesiness, however they still manage to fit in a ridiculously catchy chorus and some fist-pumping/head-banging/murdering moments for the listener endulge in.

Title track 'The Way We Fall' is yet more proof of their ability to write some of the catchiest choruses I've heard this year (look out for the transylvanian synth section behind the growls). Closer 'We're Not Coming Home' bursts into life all screams and guitars ablaze with enough energy to turn cities to dust before another charmer of a chorus comes begging to be gang-vocalled.

The Suit have clearly found a style and personality they are comfortable in, and this batch of songs make for one hell of a fun ride. The band manage to add something new and exciting to the genre. However, a little wider variety could be expected from further releases in the line of Say Anything's curve in musical direction. 'The Way We Fall EP', for the time being, will make for one of the sunniest pop-punk gems you'll come across this year.


'The Way We Fall EP' by The Suit is available now.

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James Berclaz-Lewis

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