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Castevet Sign To Run For Cover Records

Castevet have signed to Run For Cover Records and will release a new 7" soon, with a new full-length expected to be released in 2011.

Run For Cover released the following message:

"Although it seems like it’s been in the works forever, we’re finally ready to officially announce our professional relationship with Chicago’s Castevet. If you’re unfamiliar, says “This may be the ballsiest band in punk rock today…they can take on post-rock instrumentalists like American Football and Appleseed Cast, and dare to blend it with Small Brown Bike or The Casket Lottery. There’s a fine line between courage and stupidity and Castevet manages beyond all probability, to stay between those tight confines.”

On the tail of their sophomore release “The Echo & The Light” on Tiny Engines, and a split release with Into it Over It on Topshelf Records, Castevet have recently finished recording 2 new songs for a 7″ to accompany them on tour this fall. Beyond that you can expect a full length follow up on Run For Cover in 2011. Look for news on the 7″ coming soon."

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