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Single Review Round-Up: Out Like A Lion, Oberhofer, City Reign, Broken City Skyline and Fiorentina

Out Like A Lion - Back to Front
Released on September 13th through All Aboard Records

Out Like A Lion get you dancing with their jangly guitar soundingsingle "Back to Front." The Bristol band show off their musical craftwith some interesting guitar and bass work. They sound like Bloc Party meets Person L. "I talk back to front. You listen outside out. I know they always say three is a crowd, but you can't help yourself, so can you please leave now?" The song is catchy. Plain and simple, it's a good dance-rock song.


Oberhofer - o0O0o0O0o
Released on September 13th

"And The city's feeling queer and crass with beer cans growing bladesof grass to look like something new." Over a simple guitar that pick'sup and gets catchy, Oberhofer's new single 'o0O0o0O0o' is a light felt song, that's catchy. The melody is nice, but this fall's into the cheesy, "whoa oh oh," indie-pop, WHY? type vocals that is becoming all too common.


City Reign - Making Plans

Have you ever had trouble making plans? Well, City Reign let's youknow that sometimes you just have to with "Making Plans." The songstays pretty consistent until the end when there's some nice guitar tochange up the pace. "And I'm always making plans and you're following everything through...I could get close to you.” It's a sweet song.


Broken City Skyline - You Would Run

Broken City Skyline's latest single "You Would Run" is a sweet, pianoand acoustic song that hits you where it matters; Your heart. It starts off lightly. The lyrics get you: "close your eyes. be brave...I won't let you fall through my arms. Take a chance. Take a look."


Fiorentina - Eleanor

UK band Fiorentina's new single "Eleanor" is a melodic, sweet, andcalm song. Vocalist Frase sings "it's better to leave, then to be left behind." The guitar is tingly and wonderful. The song is a typical pop/rock song. Nothing over the top, but the band don't need muchattention. You simply need to hear the guitar and know they hit itright on. Overall this is just a nice song. The band stick with what works for them.


Margarita Morales

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