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Album Review: Abel - Lesser Men

It’s always difficult to define what makes a Christian band. Many are simply a group of Christians who play music, whereas without doubt Abel have produced a worship-like record with the instrumentation of well crafted indie rock which will without doubt alienate listeners with a subject matter that will have little resonance to a listener outside of the faith.

Nevertheless you can’t get away from the pin point production and solid instrumentation throughout this album. First track ‘Silver’ teases you in with the light strum of guitar and the first display of the refined vocal that acts as an introduction to second track ‘Saints’ which kicks off with a gang vocal that sounds oddly a lot like the UK’s very own Futures. Giving it a surprising indie pop edge and a display of great percussion that is prominent throughout.

‘The Martyr’ oozes with great guitar work along with title track ‘Lesser Men’ that sounds very familiar in sound to that of Brand New, although this track is easily one of their strongest. ‘Titanic’ is quite self explanatory lyrically, creating an emotive description of sinking without a rescuer and the fear that comes along with this. Lead singer Kevin Kneifel is undoubtedly a great song writer, but this is the only song that steps away from the heavily worship based, almost at times prayer like anthems. ‘Take Me Home’ is lead by acoustic guitar and sounds similar to a stripped down ‘The Almost’ with a classic full band transition that works extremely well.

‘Standing Still’ picks things up with a sing-a-long chorus and sees the band at its heaviest, and in turn their best and ‘Come Ye Weary’ strides through in the same vein before ‘Atlantic: The Broken Hearted King’ and ‘Atlantic: The Voice In The Tides’ partner up to bring this album to a satisfying end.

There’s no doubting that this is a solid release from a band that don’t beat around the bush in terms of what they want to produce and how they go about it. This confidence in their own sound resonates and it’s clear they have settled into their new label Come&Live! The only question that lies here is whether Abel can reach a wider audience outside of their shared faith without alienating an audience that could easily feel this album cross’s over into the realms of preaching.


'Lesser Men' by Abel is released on October 19th through Come & Live.

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