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Album Review: Bad Religion - The Dissent Of Man

In a time where it seems some bands can't last no more than two albums, Bad Religion have stuck it and are celebrating their 30th Anniversary this year and this is their fifteenth studio album, 'The Dissent Of Man', a record that dosen't see the punk pioneers challenge the genre but merely thrive off it, as these fifteen songs here shows the band have put their experience to good use; 'The Day The Earth Stalled' is classic Bad Religion, fast with Greg Graffin's strong vocals holding up the track well, whilst 'Only Rain' stands out for its riveting guitar work.

Elsewhere 'Won't Somebody' has a subtle grungy tone but with a distinctive Bad Religion feel, and tracks like 'The Devil In Stitches', 'Someone To Believe' and 'Wrong Way Kids' will have singing in unison, as the band use of "woahs" and "ahhs" are done superbly.

'Cyanide' sees the band changing the style a litte, with a slight country-tinged twist that is welcomed and stands out from a record is dominated by punk rock numbers.

On surface Bad Religion don't offer much in terms of variation, however they make up for it in sheer brilliance, as 'The Dissent Of Man' is packed of great punk rock, that is pulled off to the highest standard. Whilst it is a formula that may seem repetitive to some, for fans of the band it is a worthy addition to the bands extensive back catalogue.


'The Dissent Of Man' by Bad Religion is available now on Epitaph Records.

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