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Album Review: Jump Back Jake - Call Me Your Man EP

Jump Back Jake may have started off as a side project for singer and guitarist Jake Rabinbach, but with an EP like this, big things are definitely going to come their way. It’s a bit of old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll, with plenty of soul and a bit of blues thrown in to the mix too. It’s not the kind of thing you expect from bands these days, and it’s very refreshing to hear. I would be very surprised if this lot aren't snapped up by a major record label soon.

From the first track on the EP, ‘Call Me Your Man’, you get a sense of what a timeless classic this album has the potential of becoming. It's a brilliant opener, even if it does sound like something you would hear on an American teen drama like One Tree hill or the O.C. Simple drums and crisp Tennessee vocals is all it takes to make this song so infectious. And it doesn’t stop there. ‘If I Ever Go Back’ is equally as terrific, if not more so. It’s upbeat and toe-tappingly catchy. It’s blues at it’s best. It’s something Johnny Cash would have been proud of.

Short and sweet ‘Tara’ is yet another strong track on the EP. Well, sort of. It is a little more “poppy” than the tracks and doesn’t quite have the same charm as the rest of the album, but it is still an invigorating track that you can't pass up the chance to listen to. In contrast, ‘Rose Coloured Coffin’ is at the other end of the spectrum. It’s slower, and much more intense than anything else so far. As a story of heartbreak, the guitars are heavier and more deliberate, but the sense of soul and blues never goes away. The final track, ‘Call Me Your Man (Reprise)’ features just Rabinbach with his fantastic voice and an understated guitar. The original of this song was good, but it works better as an acoustic track. It’s a shame it’s so short, because it’s one of those songs you just want to keep listening to.

'Call Me Your Man' is a fantastic EP from a band who is sure to go far. It's not quite perfect, but at this rate their next album could be there. They have that special something that separates them from most other bands at the moment, and enough soul to carry it off. Jack Daniels. Morgan Freeman. Mountain Dew. All The best things come from Tennessee. Now you can add Jump Back Jake to that list.


'Call Me Your Man' EP by Jump Back Jake is available now through Ardent Music on Bandcamp.

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Blaise Ruston

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