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Album Review: Leaps and Bounds - Pounds All Around EP

Do you like a bit of Brand New? How about Thrice? Then you might like the ‘Pounds All Around’ EP. Leaps and Bounds aren’t as finely polished, but everyone has to start somewhere. The four-piece have recently signed to Follow and Feel Records to release this EP and with a bit of work, they could be a band to look out for on the indie-rock scene in the future.

One of the biggest issues with Leaps and Bounds comes in the form of ridiculously long intros. ‘Unfinished’ starts slow, and after a minute of mediocre guitar riffs, comes something that is actually quite good and original. It’s fast-paced and energetic, and really shows a flash of talent from the boys. Unfortunately this is ruined by a drum solo halfway through the track. Then come the whiny vocals and completely misplaced guttural vocals, which could almost be called screams. It doesn’t suit the rest of the track, and for a song that had so much potential, it’s painful to listen to.

Having said that, ‘Coatesy’s Corner’ does redeem them a bit. After another long intro anyway. The track has echoes of bands like the Offspring, and although it does become a little repetitive towards the end, it’s a much better offering than the previous track. The lyrics are powerful, and the vocals are much better here than on the rest of the EP. ‘Red Racer Forever’ has yet another intro over a minute long, but it’s more vigorous and exciting than the others. The drums on this track are unrelenting, with a bass line to match. It may be heavier than the earlier tracks but it works well with the lead vocals, and is definitely one of the better tracks on the EP.

‘I’ll Be In The Wind’ is the final track, and a good closing song. It’s more subtle and understated to begin, and then back to the more enthusiastic sound of the rest of the EP. Unlike the other tracks, the overall sound of the song does not sound like a muddle of genres, but is much more focused and punchy. The pace is kept up throughout, and it’s a shame there were not more songs like this on ‘Pounds All Around’.

Leaps and Bounds need to agree on their sound. Whether they want to be indie-rock or something heavier it doesn’t really matter, but they need to stick to one overall sound per track to stop it becoming so messy. These boys have potential, there’s no doubt about that, they just need to fine-tune themselves before their next release. Overall this is a very mediocre record with a few flashes of genius, from a band that could do so much better.


'Pounds All Around EP' by Leaps and Bounds is released on October 30th through Follow and Feel Records.

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Blaise Ruston

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